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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Tour de France 2012. The Gerry Active Team.

The Gerry Active 2012 Tour de France starts on Tuesday. There will be five of us this year and as you can see from the photo of four previous participants, there will be no sprint finish!

This will be my fourth year with my good friends John, Peter, Roger and a friend of Roger's I have still to meet.

This is a fantastic retreat from the complexities of modern life and domestic responsibilities.Dropping the misery of the news and current events, information overload, computers, tweets, social networks and texts this is a great opportunity to open up to the big picture, what is important in life, reevaluate one's future direction etc. Less is definitely more! We have four weeks of gentle cycling and camping followed for me by another two weeks based at my brothers residence near Montpellier. Our route takes us from Saintes down the west coast and then to Lourdes where some catch the bus home. John and I then continue to Montpellier. We don't have a fixed route or itinerary and we may stumble across local fetes such as the one pictured in St. Ambroix last year. I am looking forward to it and no doubt after six weeks camping will look forward again to a comfortable bed!