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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Meeting of the Riff Rafia at 70th

Jeff opening cards and presents
 Quite a few of my loving disfunctional family were present at Jeff's 70th bithday meal. Jeff, the partner of my ex wife Jo said it was like a meeting of the Mafia. Rachel my step daughter said it was more like a gathering of the Riff Rafia! .

Also present.My son Julian and partner Vicky with children Ben, Jayden and Isla, Jeff's son Philip and his two boys. Rachel's husband Andrew and their son Teddy plus dog Charlie. Andrew had to eat in the courtyard as the dog couldn't come inside!
My lovely grandchildren

Myself with Jeff

Julian and Vicky

Jeff with Jo


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Summer Light

It's Autumn now but this painting is my attempt to capture the intensity of a late summer sun and shadow. I also took a photo of the scene ( see previous post ) so you can see my interpretation is not exact. Artistic licence!