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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Spare Paint. Not a problem for Pierre Soulages

Pierre Soulages is a famous painter from France, so famous that he was visited by president Hollande recently. Monsieur Soulages uses only black paint so if he has paint left over he just starts another canvas!
As for me? Well I always miscalculate and have paint left over. Rather than totally waste it I decided to slap it on canvas to create abstracts. This painting is titled ' Spare Paint '
Of course is could be argued it would have been better to waste the surplus paint?

Monday, 23 June 2014

Mark Rothko. If imitation is flattery!!

Mark Rothko said "It is a widely accepted notion among painters that it does not matter what one paints as long as it is well painted. This is the essence of academicism". I don't know what he meant! I don't know what his paintings mean, do you? Anyway this is my abstract. The colours have an emotional resonance to me. Perhaps that is the purpose?