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Friday, 28 October 2016

In Praise of Postmen and Postwomen

What is it about Posties? They are always cheerful as they buzz from door to door. Always ready with a smile and joke. Is it that they are outside in all weathers and getting plenty of exercise?  Years ago I lived in the Yorkshire Moors and ran a village post office. I had the privilege of working with a postman called Denis.  He was a bluff Yorkshire man, broke all the post office rules, ran errands for outlying elderly residents on the moors and was unfailingly happy. His breezy presence lifted the dourest Yorkshire spirit. He retired on my watch and when he came round the corner from his last round the entire village was waiting to salute him with cards, champagne and tributes. His wife was in on it and was there too. He was moved to tears and believe me it takes something to make a Yorkshire man cry! He was so loved. God bless you Denis and all Posties.

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