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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Sea Lavender in Norfolk

In Norfolk where I live now the salt marshes blaze with purple in August. The Sea Lavender ( Limonium carolinianum ) transforms the marshes in the same way Heather does in Scotland and the North York Moors. I miss the hills and mountains of Northern England and Scotland but the salt marshes on the Norfolk coast are quite special too. With it's tidal creeks and old boats it is a magnet for artists and bird watchers.This painting was inspired by the Sea Lavender. It was started last year but I have just finished it in anticipation of this years flowering. Acrylic on paper.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Purple Mists

Mist clings like lovers parting words

The old houses emerge weather worn

Branches of trees reach this way, and that

Forever entwined in windless fantasy

Painting acrylic ink and acrylic on canvas
Fragment of poetry by the fantastic Scottish poet
Eileen Carney Hulme ( adjusted slightly to fit my painting )