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Monday, 4 January 2016

After Meditation I Notice

After meditation I notice new buds as I walk
I notice the old leaf grasped in the lower tangle
I notice that the energy of the earth has turned
The turning from contraction to expansion
I notice I follow without effort into this movement
Always somewhere there is a flower in bloom
 This penetrates me deeply and with wonder
I notice leaves are as moved by the wind as I am
Emotions joyful and tearful arise to surprise me
I notice I am pleased by this affirming surge of life
I notice a handsome Thrush tapping a snail on stone
In the bushes a small bird tests his spring voice
I notice a molehill breaking the long wet grass
It reminds me of childhood walks with my father
I notice tenderness springs up to catch my throat
I feel gratitude for being in this deep miracle
I notice too that I don’t understand it at all

At the Padmaloka retreat 23rd December 2015

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