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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Morning Walk

Every morning after meditation I walk
Rain overnight leaves puddles 
A Blackbird showers itself with vigour
I stop, enjoying the spectacle
Both taking pleasure

On through the tranquil village
Every house named
A clue to it’s owners dreams
One is called ‘ Mole Meadow ‘
Wind in the Willows perhaps?
I think I would like the occupants 

After the houses the lane narrows
The local bus murmurs towards me
I step on the bank allowing passage
The driver waves acknowledgement
Our eyes meet, we both smile
She has a happy smiling face

Presently I reach the river at the ferry
The ferry is no more, just an old pub
The river is dark, flowing with power
I turn to return, musing on metaphor

Near the small shop is a village pond
Two shy Moorhens in peaceful residence
This winters day sunny and so, so mild
All around life is impatient to spring

My thoughts return to the river
There before me and after me
Buddhists believe in rebirth
Continuity in some form I believe
Possibly the nutrient for a new tree 
On that tree will sit a new Blackbird
I am happy with that thought  
It will be enough

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