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Monday, 12 September 2011

Birthday and Mixed Fortunes

I have just returned from Norwich where I attended the special birthday of an old friend. It was quite nostalgic for me as I caught up with friends I had not seen for many years. Some seemed to have scarcely changed in appearance and were bouncing with health and happiness. Another was much happier than when I saw him last but had been through the mill health wise with a triple bypass and a hip replacement. Despite this he was obviously content and enjoying life so that was wonderful to see.

I stayed with my good friends John and Nanette and on the day of the birthday party I cycled into Norwich along an old railway track to see my son Julian, his partner Vicky and my new granddaughter Isla. Isla was even more full of contented smiles than when I last saw her in August. Julian and I had a long lunch together at his local pub and we very much enjoyed the closeness of being together. I feel very blessed.

I was struck by the impermanence of everything. Friends had changed partners and been through tough times, but somehow the human spirit continues unchanged and the ties that link us continue, even though in a changing form. Much to reflect on.

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