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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Latest Painting

I had a very relaxing afternoon with my Wednesday afternoon art group. We have all decided to go out for a meal on Friday 30th September and to invite Randy ( the founder and inspiration for Moray Art Centre ) and Diane his unfailingly cheerful assistant. Accordingly we wrote a card for the invitation and signed it from The Wags! This does not mean Wives and Girlfriends of rich footballers but stands for Wednesday Art Group. In accepting our invitation they said they had another abbreviation for our group, that is to say Shags! This is not a reference to our resemblance to Cormorants or something rather salacious but stands for Self Help Art Group. As you can imagine this caused much amusement and many other witticisms. Oh and I did a picture of Ben Rinnes, Morayshires highest mountain. I was quite pleased with it after my previous failure, the portrait of Sammy.

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