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Wednesday, 28 September 2011



We are the lucky ones
We've really had it all.
We haven't had to fight a war
Our problems were so small.

We lived the golden era
Which won't be seen again
We had the swinging sixties
And much much more besides.
And now we're off on that world trip
A gap year in our dotage.

We had no unemployment
Our pensions were gold plated.
Our appetites were so so strong
And almost always sated.

So let's give thanks for all our luck
And let us pay the price.

Our kids missed out on all our luck
They'll draw the dole
 And stay at home
And watch that big TV

It's no good for them or for us
But do we have a choice.

And when we're in that nursing home
And have to be looked after.
Who can blame them in their turn
If they don't give a damn.

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