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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Over the Cliff

Passion, gain, loss, risk and fear are the themes of my latest poem. Put your own interpretation on it.

Over the Cliff

I could go over the cliff with you
Or fly above the moon.

I could plunge the depths with you
Or visit the hot sun.

I feel you in every moment
Caressed by your luminous beauty.

I could lose my mind with you
Or hide in what I know.

I could break free and run with you
Or rest in comfort cage.

You hold me in fiery tenderness
And lead me to that place.

I could be changed for ever by you
Or stand upon my pride.

I could lose my soul to you
Or fear to take that step.

You are the wilderness before heaven
Or the reef before the shore.

I could go insane with you
Or be consumed by blackness.

But I have glimpsed beyond the veil
 Ineffable perfume of truth.

So I must go
Over the cliff with you.

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