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Monday, 26 September 2011

Thank God for Radio 4

Often while I am painting I listen to radio 4 and I love to be surprised by the subjects discussed or debated.
Last week I listened to a fascinating talk on Shintoism in Japan. I hadn't realised before that Shintoism has no God, no founder, no scriptures and doesn't believe in any kind of transcendence. It seems there is a belief in invisible spirit beings called Kami and the idea is to align with these spirits or energy. If aligned and in harmony success in business, relationships and life is assured.

Shinto comes from the Chinese characters Shen meaning divine being and Tao meaning way So it means 'way of the spirits'.

For most of the time Shintoism has co-existed with Buddhism and Confucianism except perhaps ( if I understood correctly ) during the second world war when it was appropriated by the military government.

I hope the reports of a dumbing down of radio 4 are exaggerated as I sometimes think radio 4 is the last bastion of intelligent broadcasting media left.

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