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Thursday, 1 September 2011


I came across a marvelous little book of poems and photographs in an art gallery in Grosmont when guiding recently on the Coast to Coast path. I was very moved emotionally by the quality of the poems by  Phil Cornelius. He deserves to be famous. You can buy the book called ' Shadowlands ' on line at  Here is one poem called ' Leaving '


One day I will leave this place.
I will blow through the trees with the rain
And listen as the leaves fall like snow.

One day I will talk to the mountains
And they will smile.
I will shelter from the beat
of a butterfly's wings
And hear spiders walk.

One day when the tears and the fears
And the years have slipped away,
I will light a fire on a beach.

The smoke will take me to the stars
And I will be free.

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